Edmontons’ seasons can take a heavy toll on your car. Whether it be festering salt and mud on your car in the winter, or dust and rocks in the summer, your car needs to be cared for. At Westgate Chevrolet Body Shop we are proud to offer a full interior and exterior detail package to our valued customers! At one of the lowest price points in the city of $99.95, our package offers the best bang for your buck around! We start off with a full decontamination of all exterior dirt and contaminants done with a mix of high quality cleaning soaps and brushes. Then we dress the tires with a long lasting tire shine, and hand dry the vehicle. Next is onto the interior where all your mats will be cleaned, the carpet underneath vacuumed, and seats cleaned and dressed (if leather). All the interior surfaces are first cleaned then finished with a special UV resistant cleanser to preserve and protect your interior. Westgate Chevrolet Body Shop has employed 2 dedicated, full-time, detailers to ensure all jobs are done fast, proper, and thoroughly. Book your detail below now!


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