Alberta's first Automotive 30 day money back guarantee.

Alberta's first Automotive 30 day money back guarantee.

The first and only of its kind. Westgate Chevrolet offers the 30-day no questions asked guarantee on all our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

Let’s face it, nothing in Alberta is a guarantee right now. This last year has been difficult for all of us. Here at Westgate Chevrolet, we understand that purchasing a vehicle has its risks, especially in this type of economy. So we wanted to do something different.

Other dealerships offer 30-day warranties but the Chevy Farm is the only dealership to offer Alberta’s first Automotive 30-day money back guarantee.  SO what is our guarantee?

Its simple, if you purchase any one of our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and within 30 days you need to return it for ANY REASON, we will refund you 100% of what you paid, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

We only have 3 rules.


  1. Must be returned in the same condition as sold.

  2. Must have 1000 KM or less.

  3. Must be returned within the 30 days of purchase date.


It’s that simple. Buying a vehicle shouldn’t be stressful, so here is just one more reason why the Chevy Farm puts Albertans first.